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Why Choose Hootcloud?

Each service is created and managed by hootcloud's team of service griven technology experts. We handcraft every step of our home office on the cloud aka hootcloud experience to ensure you arrive to a space that’s fully-equipped and primed for productivity.

Leader in cloud enablement

Hootcloud has been positioned as a PATH creator in the North America's Cloud Enablement Services.

Top cloud integration partner

We help our customers in strategy, architecture, design and implement to address their integration challenges.

Strategic Partnership

As a strategic partner, Hootcloud works with customers to get the best return on their cloud investments.

Quick and dependable team

Our team members are experts in their own disciplines. The Hootcloud team share a major overlap in their competencies and our clients love that because we never skip a beat. 

Security First Approach

The security-first approach to our service delivery model can be considered to be a mindset of thinking about the security implications of every decision or action. With the mindset in place, it becomes easier for other things to fall in place.

Affordable and fixed pricing

Predictability. When everything has been discussed and planned beforehand, it’s easy to monitor the status of Hootcloud services and predict if the work will be completed on time.

Each Space is Created and Managed By Hootcloud's team of service and operations Experts.

Get started and stop looking back. Get on the forward motion of Hootcloud services.

More Features

Hootcloud integrates your services, users and devices. It's a "single pane of glass" for your cloud.

Simple, powerful and intuitive control over your cloud

Integrates your users, services and devices for centralized management

Easily move, add and change your users

Enhance security with advanced two-factor authentication

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Have some questions about our cloud solutions and services or ready to get a demo account going of our services? Drop us a note and we'll be in touch shortly!